Tuesday, August 13, 2013

The Mighty Storm, by Samantha Towle

4.5 out of 5 stars

Trudy Bennet, a music journalist, and Jake Wethers, mega star, bad boy and lead singer of The Mighty Storm, grew up neighbors and best friends.  That is until Jake and his family moved to the USA and he eventually ceases contact with her.  Tru has been in love with Jake for years, long before he became a famous rock star, following Jake's career and life from a distance, only telling a few trusted friends her connection to him.  While he was her first love she's moved on with both life and love and finds herself 12 years later working for a magazine, living with her best friend Simone and in love with Will, her boyfriend of 2 years.

So what happens when Tru's boss arranges for her to interview Jake?  She totally freaks out because she has no idea if he will even remember her and even though her feelings for him are in the past she knows she will be devastated if he doesn't.  But, what if Jake does remember, there is also the chance he quit writing her for a reason and perhaps doesn't want to see her.  Yet she is also completely thrilled for the opportunity and even though she is nervous she cannot wait to see him again.

The first time they reconnect for the interview sparks fly!  It's also when I realized this book and Jake Wethers had me hook, line and sinker.  It's obvious to everyone, except Tru, Jake has feelings for her and Tru's feelings never really went away.  Those feelings were just simmering and seeing Jake again has brought them back to life.  Jake, realizing he doesn't want to lose Tru again, makes her an offer she cannot refuse, come on tour and be his official biographer.  Tru agrees to this opportunity of a lifetime, why wouldn't she...she has her best friend Jake back and is in love with Will her sweet, thoughtful and very trusting boyfriend, things couldn't be better!  As you can imagine the story just explodes at this point.

Consider yourself warned, there is some cheating, which I'm never a fan of, but it's not the point of the story and it doesn't go on very long.  It's unfortunate, tough and there is true regret, but it's also handled with honesty and resolved as quickly as it begins.  It's also so well written you sympathize with the characters truly understanding where they are coming from and ultimately it comes down to love, loving someone enough to choose them, to recognize life is better with them in it than without.  No, The Mighty Storm isn't a book about cheating it's a story of two people who fell in love as kids but because they were kids they weren't able to give that love a chance at a relationship.  This is a story about two people who were meant to be together and are finally given a chance to explore a real relationship. Jake and Tru belong together, they are better as a couple than apart and while all of those things are obvious it doesn't mean their relationship will be easy or that life will always be perfect.

The Mighty Storm is Jake and Tru's love story and it's beautiful, heartwarming, emotional, steamy and at times filled with turmoil.  This couple must overcome a lot of real life issues very early on such as drugs, fame, paparazzi, personal insecurities on both their parts, jealousy, cheating and ultimately choosing whether or not to fully commit.

Aside from being an incredibly hot, tattooed famous rocker Jake is also possessive about the things he cares for, confident to go after and take what he wants, sensitive, vulnerable, sweet and pretty damn romantic (of course this is all coming through Tru's eyes so I can totally see why she is in love with him).  If there is one thing I can say about Jake it's that he absolutely backs up his words with actions and I loved seeing him in control, yes that also includes the bedroom!  Another great quality, he has no problem admitting when he is in the wrong and apologizing when he realizes his mistake.  I also wouldn't say this is a story about him finding the one person who "tames" him and reforms his bad-boy ways.  I think it's more about Jake getting to a point in his life where he knows he cannot keep living the same kind of lifestyle he's become accustomed to, of wanting more out of life and of finally getting the one person back who makes him want to be a better person and start living again.

It's also as much about Tru going after what she wants in life.  It's her journey of risking her heart for someone she never dreamed she would have.  It's learning to live with the fame and money that comes with dating Jake Wethers.   It's about deciding if she wants this part of her life to play out in the public eye and if their love for each other is strong enough to battle the demons which she knows will surely follow being in a such a high profile relationship.

I enjoyed this book tremendously.  There is just the right amount of smut and if I had any complaint it would be feeling as though the story ended too quickly.  That's not to mean this was a super fast read, it probably took me over 8 hours, so for $2.99 I would say I definitely got my money's worth.  I just wished I had been able to see more of this couple because I fell in love with them so much.  In my opinion this is a must read so go one click it now and get carried away in The Mighty Storm.  If you end up enjoying this book as much as I did you will also want to go ahead and pre-order the next chapter of Tru and Jake's story, Wethering The Storm, which comes out on August 20th.

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