Friday, August 9, 2013

Love Me, by Jillian Dodd

5 out of 5 stars

Book Description:

My mom says that you can’t love someone until you learn to love yourself.
So even though Vincent is getting more and more scary.
Even though he’s doing a nationwide search for me.
I’m going to learn to love myself.

Well, I’m going to try.
Mostly, I want a boy to love me.
But which one?

Dawson - The gorgeous boy who made a mistake, but whose molten lava kisses and steaminess I can’t freaking resist.
Aiden - The God of all Hotties, who is practically infused with love potion. Who I thought liked me, but now says he wants to be my friend.
Brooklyn - The boy that first stole my heart. Who has always loved me. Well, until the whole cabana incident.

I mean, it was bad enough when there was sort of a love triangle, but now that I’m talking to B again, it’s like I’m in a love rectangle, or a rhombus, or something.

Oh, and did I mention Cooper Steele?
The new soccer coaching, health teaching, tattooed hunk?
Who Garrett sent to school to guard my body.
I mean, be my bodyguard.

But back to loving me.
I should forget about boys and worry about me.
Love me.
Like, eventually.


I received and ARC copy of Love Me in exchange for an honest review...

Obviously if you haven't read the first three books in this series (Stalk Me, Kiss Me, Date Me) you need to go one click, read, then come back and check out the rest of this review.

First things first, I love Keatyn and ultimately I'm always going to be Team Keatyn even when she frustrates the hell out of me.  There were times I wanted to throw my Ipad across the room!  Sometimes, its hard reading from her prespective because I easily forget she is only 17, but with all life has thrown at her in such a short amount of time she really has dealt with things extraordinarily well.

In the beginning Keatyn really upset me because she seemed to act in the moment and not take into consideration the bigger picture.  She does a lot of acting before thinking in Love Me, I kept wondering is she ever going to get it!  Will she ever just stop, open her eyes and think about what it is she really wants?  However, by the end I can honestly say Keatyn grew up a lot.  She realized she needs to love herself and really began to take control of her life, understanding what is important.  You would think someone with the privileged upbringing Keatyn's had would never struggle with self confidence issues, but she does and truthfully it makes her seem like a more "average" girl, which I love.  Over the course of this book she has also become more independent.  Our teenager is truly becoming more responsible and growing up, she has come such a long way since Stalk Me!  

I think it's also important to note that you can also expect to see growth from some of the boys as well.  There  were so many instances with Dawson where I came unglued with my frustrations of him.  I kept thinking, use your head not your...well you know what! Haha!  I'm happy to say he did redeem himself in my eyes a little although he will never get my vote for Moon Boy.  It's not just Dawson who seems to mature but we see some growth from Brooklyn, even though I am not thrilled he is back in the picture, and I noticed a difference in Aiden as well.

What kind of awesome things can you expect from this book???  Boys, Boys and more Boys!  I was melting into a pile of mush at certain points in this book!  Romantic dates in NYC, lots more wooing, nail-bitting Vincent encounters, Whitney drama, blasts from the past, closure, conversations and interactions with potential Moon Boys, rumors, bubble baths and of course, lots of shopping.  There are also some pretty amazing events occurring at Eastbrook you get to witness such as perspective student/Greek weekend, will the God of all Hotties be crowned Olympian?  There is also the school play, how is Keatyn's performance?  The playoffs and Pussy Bowl along with the varsity player's banquet, whose jersey will Keatyn wear?  We also learn someone's birthday, which is not in December, eliminating them as a potential Moon Boy candidate.

Jillian never fails to leave us asking questions and wanting more.  The ending is just huge and all I can say is thank goodness we are going to get a small Keatyn fix in November because I'm definitely going to need it!  I am even more addicted now than I was at the end of Date Me.  I am so thankful Adore Me is only a few months away because it would be next to impossible to wait until the release of Hate Me.  By the case you're wondering I am still 100% Team Aiden as her one and only Moon Boy.  Do not hesitate, read this book.  It's amazing and you're going to love it!

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