Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Ruin, by Rachel Van Dyken

4.5 out of 5 stars

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When I made the decision to purchase Ruin I did so soley based on the fact it was a book by Rachel Van Dyken, an author whose stories I always seem to enjoy.  I had no clue as to the plot and therefore was completely blown away when the last page was turned and the story's final message was portrayed.  The first thing I did was text my blog partner, "Ruin...what a completely emotionally beautiful story!  Truly uplifting.  You need to read this book next."

In an effort not to give away any spoilers I am going to be as vague as possible.  Ruin is the story of Kiersten, a small town girl with a tragic past still haunting her present, and Weston; a good-looking, charming, star football player with a famous father trying to live each day to its fullest.  These two unexpectedly meet when a frustrated and overwhelmed Kiersten literally runs into Weston's abs at college Registratsion.  Adding further to her embarrassment Kiersten learns Wes will be her dorm RA.  In the end these two strike up a friendship, one in which both of their lives will be impacted in a major way.

Go buy this book, then grab a box of tissues and prepare to be touched.  Very early on you have suspecions, which are confirmed about Wes.  Even though his reality is a tough nail to swallow just remember it's what made him into the strong, positive, outgoing, determined man you've fallen in love with, and while you're going to be upset and the tears are going to come, don't worry because you do get a HEA and an even better epilogue. 

I think what I loved most about his book was Wes and his outlook on life.  How different life would be if we saw things as Wes does.  I never dreamed this story would have so many good pieces of advice or that it would be filled with uplifting life-altering quotes.  And while this was a super emotional read for me there were plenty of parts I found myself smiling or laughing and I ended the journey on an incredible reader's high.

Kiersten and Wes' relationship wasn't an easy one but it also wasn't filled with unnecessary drama.  These two were surprisingly honest with one another which gives us as reader's more opportunity watching their love story transpire.  There is also plenty of hot chemistry between the two and while there isn't any sexual scenes there are plenty of swoon-worthy moments.

I honestly think this is a book everyone should take the time to read.  It's not a long story as I was able to read it in a day, but the overall message is one filled with so much hope that I believe everyone should experience it for themselves.  Fall in love with Wes and Kiersten...once you've finished their story take the time to also read the acknowledgement's.  Rachel Van Dyken has certainly outdone herself once again with not only suberb and emotional evoking writing but also a truly beautiful story.  It was such a pleasure to journey through Ruin! 

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