Thursday, August 8, 2013

Lost and Found, by Nicole Williams

5 out of 5 stars

We have always enjoyed reading books by Nicole Williams, but this is by far our favorite!  When the book begins we are introduced to Rowen Sterling, a city girl from Portland, OR who is out to prove she is worthy to her mom.  Rowen has to survive working and fitting in at Willow Springs Ranch in Montana, otherwise her mom is refusing to fund her art school expenses.  Art is everything to Rowen and she doesn’t want to give up her dream even if she is the only one that believes in it. 
Our first impression of Rowen is that she is rough around the edges and has a dark wild side.  She is obviously damaged by her past and uses her goth/emo appearance to hide the scars of that past.  Rowen doesn’t feel like she has any self worth and struggles to believe anyone could ever care for her, much less love her.  She has a great heart, but needs guidance to see it.

Holy hot cowboy!  Do we ever love some Jesse Walker!  Maybe we love him because we are southern and have an infatuation with cowboys, but I don’t think so.  I mean who doesn’t love cowboys?!?  Seriously, who can go wrong with skintight wranglers, boots, muscles, a cowboy hat, and charm!  Jesse is definitely one of our favorite book boyfriends of all time, maybe even number one.  We are so torn between Jesse, Will and Holder its like a toss up at this point. 

When Rowen steps off the greyhound bus in Montana and first meets Jesse there is instant chemistry, not love but lots of great banter and conversations.  We love their back and forth teasing and questions to each other.  Jesse seems to have this uncanny ability to push through Rowan's walls, the more she is around him the more she finds her self smiling, opening up.  Rowan believes someone with as good of a heart and attitude as Jesse could never love her and she definitely doesn't believe she deserves him so she works really hard to resist falling for him, hoping to keep from getting her heart broken.  Jesse on the other hand, with his unique life mantra wants nothing more than Rowan to see herself through his eyes, see the woman he is falling in love with, allow him into her life, believe in herself, protect her from whatever has been haunting her. 
Once Rowen arrives at Willow Springs, we are introduced to lots of fabulous secondary characters.  We love Jesse’s mom Rose.  She deserves a mom of the year award.  She is very intuitive and gives excellent advice.  We love the fact that she welcomes Rowen with open arms and encourages her to be herself no matter who that person might be.  She shows Rowen that she is worthy of love with every action and is probably the first parental unit that Rowen has ever encountered. 

In every story there is gonna be some drama.  In Lost and Found, drama goes by the name Garth Black (we can’t wait for his book to be released!).  From the first encounter with Garth you know he is nothing but a tall, dark and handsome troublemaker.  He sees Rowen as a challenge and is not one to back down.  He can play some serious mind games with Rowen because they are a lot alike.  He is not all bad and by the end of the book, you have a soft spot in your heart for him. 

Obviously, opposites attract, but will a “goth” girl everyone labels a “freak” and an upstanding, seemingly perfect cowboy fit together?  One click Lost and Found now and fall in love with Jesse and Rowan, this is a story you don't want to miss and one you won't be able to stop thinking about.  Nicole Williams has outdone herself with this beautiful, heartwarming story.  You're seriously going to melt!  I am so glad Near and Far, Jesse and Rowan's sequal, recently released.  More Jesse and Rown is always a good thing! 


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