Monday, July 8, 2013

Facade (Games #2), by Nyrae Dawn

4.3 out of 5 stars

This is the story of Adrian and Delaney.  Two people whose lives have been turned upside down as a result of one tragic event.  Each of them have been forever changed and neither one of them expected nor were they looking to find love.  

Delaney's father committed a horrible crime and left his family completely shattered.  Since then Delaney has tried to go on living pretending everything is fine, which of course is far from the truth.  The reality is the people she loves, including herself, are falling apart, their lives at a standstill and she believes if she can atone for her father's sins, seeking forgiveness from the family he hurt then maybe just maybe her family can move past the tragedy and get their lives back. 

Adrian has the reputation of a sexy, fun loving, always up for a party, playboy reputation.  However, this isn't the real Adrian at all, its just what he wants everyone to think about him because the truth of who he is and what he thinks he is responsible for is just too painful to share.

One afternoon everything starts to change.  Drawn to Delaney, Adrian finally starts opening up, little by little removing pieces of his mask, revealing his true nature.  As much as Delaney tries to resist Adrian she is inexplicably drawn to him.  They're falling in love, but they still have secrets they cannot seem to share, what happens when the truth comes out?  Will they be able to move beyond the past together?  Can their love for one another save them?

This is fantastic book about heartbreak, grief and love.  Facade switches the POV between Adrian and Delaney, which I love because it really gives you insight into the full picture of what is going on in each person's life.  You see both characters struggling to be honest with one another and take off the "mask" they wear.  

Tragedy has affected both Adrian and Delaney, they just deal with it differently.  Adrian gets stoned and tries to numb his pain behind a party boy mask, where as Delaney tries to take on everyone's problems and fix them herself.  Early on in the book, you find out Delaney's secret and how her life is "intertwined" with Adrian and it's interesting because each of them can sense in the other that they are hiding from the secret ghosts of their pasts.  I found myself screaming at them to come clean before it was too late.  Couldn't they see secrets never lead anywhere good?  

 I loved their love story and and enjoyed witnessing their struggles in finally coming to terms with their feelings for one another and how that realization impacts the other parts of their life, especially the secrets they worked so hard to keep.  

All the characters in this book are easily lovable and their actions seem completely realistic of someone who may actually be living with those kinds ghosts.  Of course, if you have read Charade you will already be in love with Colt and Cheyenne, my favorite secondary characters in Facade!  If you haven't read Charade go buy it and read it first!  (You could read Facade as a stand alone novel, but why would you want to?)  Overall, this book is a great, quick read about two people falling in love while overcoming regret and grief and who learn to allow happiness and joy into their lives once again.  It really is a beautiful story with a surprise twist!  Don't hesitate to read this book.

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