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Blog Tour and Review: The Fall of January Cooper, by Audrey Bell

TitleThe Fall of January Cooper
Author: Audrey Bell
Age group: NA
Genre: Contemporary Romance

How do you lose everything?

Ask January Cooper.

She was the daughter of a Dallas multimillionaire, the debutante of the year, and the girl most likely to get whatever she wanted.

But when her father is arrested for securities fraud, the girl who had everything starts to lose everything. And once she starts falling, she can't seem to stop.

When she walks into Christian Cutlass's bar, she meets the first person who sees all the way through her. And Christian Cutlass meets the first girl who doesn't care about who he used to be and what he lost one night when he was nineteen years old.

She's gorgeous and hurt. He's twisted in too many ways to count. She's the girl with nothing left to lose. He was the boy who lost everything he lived for.

How do you lose everything? You start by falling.

4 out of 5 stars

From the outside it appears January Cooper has it all, she's engaged to her NASCAR driver boyfriend, a student at the prestigious Harvard, living life luxuriously off campus in a 2 bedroom apartment, it's as if no expense is spared, and why should it when her parents can more than afford anything she wants.  January's never had to work a day in her life and she's never wanted for anything.  Catching her fiance in an uncompromising position thus ending their engagement is only the first string to unravel in her seemingly perfect life.  From cheating boyfriends, backstabbing friends and a wealth of money to being kicked out of her apartment and desperate for money this is the story of how January Cooper falls and learns to pick herself back up and stand on her own two feet.

What I enjoyed most was watching January always make the most out of each horrible circumstance and situation thrown her way.  Early on it was clear this girl would not go down without a fight.  She possessed a self-confident, take charge attitude, which only made her character more like-able.  Don't get me wrong just like all women that confidence wavered some upon meeting Christian (ex-almost professional hockey player, who lost his future and twin brother in a horrible accident and was left carrying this huge burden), but isn't that to be expected when you really fall for someone and have no idea how they feel about you?  I think when it came to Christian everything was a first for her.  I think he was the first person to see the real January Cooper, which made the tug and pull between the two characters all the more interesting.

I really liked Christian, his story wasn't an easy one and you feel for him and don't want him to suffer for things which weren't in his control, you will find yourself rooting for him to get a happily ever after of his own.  He was sensitive and sweet, he had this deep desire to want to take care of and help those he loved, and even those who weren't his responsibility.  It made his character come across as lovable yet respectable.  You cannot help but hope for him to ease out of the burden he's been bearing and allow himself to really fall for January, because you just know they would make a great couple if they could get on the same page!  She doesn't run when she sees him at one of his lowest points, but he doesn't think he deserves happiness or has anything to give in return.  He wants to get January out of his mind, but it's proving impossible.  

If I had one wish it would have been to get to read more pages with the two of them together.  I really liked their interactions and for me the best part of the book was towards the end, but unfortunately it felt a little rushed.  Things were wrapped up almost too nice and quick.  I would have like to of seen it taken a little longer, maybe see more of the aftermath from her decision to come clean.  Nevertheless, I did enjoy the story as evidenced by the fact I read it in one sitting!  

About Author Audrey Bell
Audrey Bell is a writer living in New York.
Titles include: LOVE SHOW and Carry Your Heart.
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