Thursday, January 2, 2014

Review: Touching Scars, by Stacy Borel



Timber Nelson has recently returned home after serving two tours in Iraq. Suffering from PTSD, he’s a shadow of the man he was before his time in the military. Instead of learning to live with the nightmares he faced in the war, he drowns them in a bottle of Crown. 

Katherine Pierce is an alluring woman with dark brown hair, tattoos, and a fiery attitude. Yet her history is one full of disturbing images that she’s been trying to run away from for the better part of six years. 

Undeniable attraction between Timber and Kat reaches its peak and they both give in to the unquestionable pull. 

Will Timber be able to save Kat from her past repeating itself? 

And will they be able to soothe each other’s scars? Or will their old scars become new wounds? 

4.25 out of 5 stars

I received an ARC in exchange for an honest review…

Having just returned from Iraq, Timber is suffering from severe PTSD. He is unsure of how to move forward, using alcohol to drown out the memories he cannot escape, but things begin to change when he meets Kat. The girl who's eyes he cannot get out of his head and who he finds himself fiercely protective of. 

After high school Katherine Pierce leaves her hometown behind, hoping to escape the memories and demon of her past with plans of never returning.  Covered in tattoos and going by the name Kat she may not look the same but she still has a fiery, take no crap from anyone attitude.  However, when a face from her past suddenly shows up in her new life she has to decide if she will let him in or continue protecting herself and push him away.

This is the first book of Stacy Borel's I've ever read and I have to say I really enjoyed the story.  From the get go I liked Timber.  Even as a boy he had a heart who cared for people, I could tell he wasn't really anything like his friends, he just wasn't mature enough to stand up to them.  Enlisting in the army was a life changing event and he returns as a man, albeit a broken one.  Bearing both internal and external scars from his tours in Iraq he's is looking for a reason to live, a reason to understand why his life was sparred.  Yet, even with the burdens he's bearing he's the kind of guy who you'll easily fall for. Covered in tattoos he is strong, protective, dominate, and while he's "broken" he is nothing like your typical bad-boy.

Kat, when you first meet her she comes across as weak, but upon a deeper look you see she possess this deep inner strength and while she was dealt a hard hand in life it hasn't ruined her.  I love a strong female character and even though she has moments of weakness overall this woman is tough, caring and full of love.     

Kat and Timber are both nursing scars from their pasts but it's possible that maybe together they can bring healing to one another.  Their journey isn't an easy one but their love is saving and they make one HOT couple. You don't want to pass this one over.  I'm definitely recommending you take a chance on Touching Scars.  I found the story to be fresh, fun, intense and yeah it was also HOT!

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