Friday, October 4, 2013

The Bet, by Rachel Van Dyken

4.7 out of 5 stars

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Truthfully, I have kind of been in a funk lately.  We started this blog and then all hell broke loose at work and I feel like I haven’t even been able to read and review books very much and my poor BFF has been picking up the slack for me.  (Thanks Kelly!)  So anyway, Kelly has been on a huge Rachel Van Dyken kick since she read and reviewed Elite and Ruin and has been after me to read The Bet, especially since The Wager was set to be released.  Now, I have been really wanting to read and drown myself in a book for a couple of weeks.  The last book I read was This Much Is True and it was great, but sometimes you just need some funny, happy go lucky, steamy, incredibly amazing books that help you escape the shit you have for reality at the time.  So, I started The Bet today, and it did not disappoint!  If you have never read this book or other RVD books what is your problem?  Don’t delay like I did, go and drown in the abyss of the Titus Brothers!  They are so great! 

This book begins with 2 brothers as children and their childhood best friend Kacey.  I just love when books open up with kids and you see all their antics as a child.  One of my other favorite books, That Boy does the same thing.  It always sucks me into the story!  So basically, in the first chapter you see a bet take place with a blood/spit oath between Jake and Travis Titus about who is going to marry Kacey.  It is so adorable!  Flash forward 10+ years and see what has happened to the three of them and you are screwed.  Whatever you have been doing is immediately ignored because you have to see what is going to happen in their lives!  So when you begin this obsession, be prepared to ignore everything but the book. 

Basically, Kacey has history with both brothers and really their entire family and the book unfolds over the course of Labor Day weekend.  Kacey has returned home to Portland because Grandma Nadine (The Titus brothers grandma) is on her supposed death bed.  Grandma Nadine is a hoot!  Seriously, I aspire to be like her when I am old and grey, still wearing 6 inch heels and vain as ever.  She is quite the manipulator as well.  (What can I say, I dream big)  She is the one running the whole show even though other people think they are in control.  

I am not going to go into a ton of details about the book because truthfully, it will ruin it.  Will Kacey run from her past again?  Will she choose the playboy, Jake?  Or, will she choose his pesky brother, Satan aka Travis?  Whatever happens, rest assured you will be thoroughly entertained!  Enjoy!  

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