Friday, October 11, 2013

Friday Night Alibi, by Cassie Mae

3.5 out of 5 stars

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ARC received via Netgalley in exchange for an honest review...

Kelli Pinkins is an all around wholesome "good-girl."  She comes from an affluent family, makes good grades, goes to church regularly, works at the local Christian bookstore, is a great tennis player, and is never found in any sort of compromising situations.  In the town of Sundale, where trust funds are a common occurrence Kelli is the ideal girl you want to bring home to your uptight, strict parents, the ones who no doubt will revoke your trust fund if you get even the slightest bit out of line.

Kelli's best attribute, her secret job.  The one no parent's know about, the one in which you pay her a set price and she will happily stay locked up in her room on Friday night and be your alibi allowing you to date the girl or boy your parents will not approve of.  Kelli is more than happy to give up her Friday nights in exchange for the extra cash, not that she needs it.  While her clients are out living it up Kelli spends her Friday nights in front of the TV playing Xbox online with fellow gamer ChazTaz.

So what happens when one night while "on the job" Kelli accompanies her best friend Sades to an arcade/bowling alley and she literally has a run in with Chase Moroney aka Moron, who also happens to be a good looking college guy, while trying to keep her cover?  He drives her crazy but if she really starts to think about it he treats her like he cares about her, talks to her like he wants to get to know her and furthermore she cannot get him out of her mind.  Does she actually want to kiss him?  When she does will her feelings for him be enough to give up the alibi gig and risk an actual relationship, not one just on paper?

I chose to read this book because the synopsis looked fun to me.  The story line sounded fresh and thus my interest was piqued.  I took me several chapters to really get into the story.  I wasn't really sure I liked Kelli, in the beginning she seemed kind of full of herself and my first impression was she was really only in it for the money.  However, as the story progressed and I was able to see her true intentions and motivations my feelings towards her softened.  When Chase was introduced I immediately liked his character.  He was mysterious, fun, sweet, and easy going.  He and Kelli definitely have chemistry and reading their back and forth banter and practical jokes often had me chuckling.

Eventually I found myself vested in the story, wondering what would happen.  Would Kelli realize she was falling in love?  Would she feel secure enough in herself to give up her alibi crutch?  In the end I thought Friday Night Alibi was a sweet story.  It would be perfectly suited for your teenage daughter as all the physical interaction is very PG.  In addition most situations tackled in the pages of this book are very minor and you won't find too much drama or many emotional roller coasters.  I typically enjoy these attributes in a book and was a little disappointed they were missing.  In the end, Friday Night Alibi is a good clean young adult romance with a very refreshing plot line and if this is the type of story you are looking for then don't hesitate to one click!  

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