Monday, September 9, 2013

Wethering the Storm, by Samantha Towle

4.5 out of 5 stars

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Wethering the Storm is the much anticipated follow-up to Samantha Towle's The Mighty Storm, and let me just won't be disappointed!  I certainly wasn't and if anything at the end I found myself even more enamoured with Jake Wethers. 

The book picks up right after we left Jake and Tru at the end of The Mighty Storm, he's just proposed, she's accepted, they're madly in love and are willing to work through whatever trials life throws at them because they've realized they belong together.  Basically life is good and hoping to make the most of their recent engagement Jake has wisked the two of them off to a private island in order to ensure their privacy and allow them some much needed alone time.  I LOVED being able to see these two so blissfully happy and madly in love.  They definitely deserved this time away to enjoy each other and the relationship they fought so hard to even have.

However, as the saying goes, all good things must come to an end, so after a relaxing and romantic vaction Jake and Tru pack up and head home to Hollywood.  For the most part things in LA are really good, except Tru is somewhat homesick and having a hard time dealing with the "ghosts" of past conquests living within the walls of Jake's home, Jake announces he has no desire to have kids yet Tru definitely wants them, women are still throwing themselves at Jake hoping he will return to his "bad-boy" ways, the papparazzi follows them everywhere and they still have those pesky trust and communication issues to work through.  So while it's clear these two share a deep, passionate, soul-mate kind of love they have to decide once and for all if they've got what it takes as indivuduals to commit to one another no matter what.

If you enjoyed The Mighty Storm, then you're going to love Wethering the Storm!  To be honest I think I may have even enjoyed this sequel even better than the original.  I know it seems impossible, but honestly I love these two characters and with this installment you get to see more of them as a couple, working through things together.  It's no longer a question of whether or not they love the other, but more so about seeing them as an actual couple and trying to live their "real" lives together, conquering obstacles together, celebrating milestones together.  I think it's one of the reasons I like the 2nd book better.  They are a fun couple and it's so interesting to see how they're going to react to the different situations they are thrust in, and let me tell you they are thrown some serious curve balls in this book. 

As with the first book you get to see plenty more of the secondary characters, whom I love, especially Stuart.  You also get to see a little more of Tom, even a different side, which may surprise you and I'm especially excited to see what his book's going to be about.  Another thing you can look forward to in this book is alternating POV's.  I really loved this aspect and especially enjoyed being inside Jake's head from time to time.

This is an emotionally packed book so be prepared.  You're going to be grinning like a fool, crying like a baby, on the verge of a nervous breakdown and by the end blissfully happy for Jake and Trudy.  I couldn't have asked for a single thing more from this book and when the last page of the epilouge was read I felt satisfied.  Well done Samantha Towle, you truly outdid yourself with these characters and Wethering the Storm, it was a perfect journey.  Thank you for such an amazing "book-high!"  It was one that won't easily be forgotten.

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