Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Simple Perfection, by Abbi Glines

4.5 out of 5 stars

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Simple Perfection picks up right where Twisted Perfection left us.  Woods' father unexpectedly died leaving him solely responsible for Kerrington Country Club and Della is back with him where she belongs.  Woods knows Della is the one for him, there is absolutely no doubt in his mind and all he wants is to take care of her, which in his mind includes keeping her away from any stressed induced situation.  Della on the other hand is paralyzed by her fears of going mentally insane like both her mother and grandmother.  She believes she isn't what's best or what Woods needs in his life and that eventually she will be a burden to big for him to bear.  She has however decided she is going to enjoy her time with him until its no longer an option.

Confession time...when I first started to read Twisted Perfection my gut kept telling me there is no way Woods would even compare to Rush and no way that his story will be as good as the original Rosemary heartthrob.  I never expected Woods to blow my mind, but he did and I fell in love with him and Della as a couple.  Simple Perfection simply cemented that love.  This book was so good!  I love Abbi Glines and with the exception of Sometimes it Lasts I have read all her books.  I had just said to my blog partner last week, what I really need is a good Abbi Glines book to get me out of my reading funk.  Well, I can honestly say Simple Perfection didn't disappoint.

There was plenty of good drama delivered in the form of Angelina, Woods' ex-fiance, and his mother who wants nothing to do with Della and tries to make things harder for him at the Club.  Then there was Della's dealings with her own demons and whether or not she believed she was deserving of Woods' love.  Couple those things with the fact in trying to help Della and protect her Woods inadvertently smothers Della, when it all becomes to much Della enlists the help of an old friend and runs, leaving Woods completely shattered.  

It wasn't an easy journey for this couple but eventually they find their way back to one another and get their perfect Abbi Glines happily ever after.  Woods in my mind is absolutely amazing...so patient, so caring, completely devoted and wildly passionate about the ones he loves.  He is forced to make some tough decisions in this book and watching it all unfold was something else entirely.  Major things happen in this book, developments and events which took me completely by surprise.  I mean I never saw the twists coming!  I cannot wait to see how the events which took place in Simple Perfection play out in the remainder Rosemary Beach sequels.  I absolutely know it's going to make for some pretty interesting future stories.  

For me the icing on the cake was getting to see more Rush, Blair and baby Nate.  Not to mention Tripp, Bethy, Jace and of course Grant.  Oh and how could I forget Dean Finley, he also makes an appearance, and I cannot help but love the comedic relief he brings to these stories.  I feel attached and invested in the stories of all these characters and cannot wait until the next Rosemary Beach book.  Don't for one second hesitate to buy and read Simple Perfection.  It was a really fun read, with lots of heat, a dose of crazy, and plenty of drama.  It's kind of like a really good soap opera, only better!

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