Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Retribution (Mystic Series #4), by B.C. Burgess

5 out of 5 stars

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I received an ARC copy of this book in exchange for an honest review...

Retribution picks up right were we left Quin and Layla at the end of Deception.  They've just consummated their relationship and are now a bonded couple.  While they're overwhelmed with happiness they realize their lives are even more in danger than before because once Argo discovers what's happened they will either be forced to join his ranks or die refusing. 

Now a bonded couple, Quin and Layla are even more powerful than before and Layla believes something good should come from this power and has chosen not to live the rest of her life in hiding.  She wants to stand up to Argo and fight to keep the family she has only just found.  With the knowledge they may only have a few days left to live Quin and Layla make the most of their time together never wasting a moment to express their love and devotion to one another.  Retribution is filled with some serious passion, yes that means you are going to get plenty of hot and steamy love scenes, all of them so emotionally charged and are probably some of the most beautiful sex scenes I've ever read.  

If possible it seems as though Quin is even more romantic and swoon-worthy in this story while also showing a side of dominance and let me tell you it's HOT!  He always knows the perfect thing to say or do to make Layla completely at ease, always showing her support and encouragement when it's needed.  Now that they've bonded he is even more protective of her and their relationship and I love how he always puts her needs and wants above his own, he always wants her to be comfortable in whatever situation they find themselves.  He is ALWAYS thinking of her, this man is so totally in love with Layla he would literally give up his own life to save hers.  Talk about undying devotion!  

I have to confess I loved getting to see more Weylin, Kegan and Brietta.  Wey and Bri seem to steal the scenes they're in with their humor and straightforward questions/observations.  I love the comedic relief these two provide, its a nice break from story's overall intensity.  I hope we get to see much more of them in the coming books because I've really developed a sense of fondness for all three.

As with all the books in this series Retribution is written with such beautiful, vivid descriptions it's as if you are living the story, seeing Layla's amazing magic tricks right out on the lawn with the other coven members.  In the heat of the battle it's as if you are fighting alongside of Quin and Layla.  Talk about talented writing.  B.C. Burgess has truly outdone herself with this book.

While Retribution is filled with plenty of happiness you are constantly reminded a dark storm is quickly approaching, a battle which may or may not be won, but one that certainly could take the lives of some of our most favorite characters.  So pull out the tissues because you are going to need them!  B.C. Burgess is going to bring you to tears, I'm certain of it.

You are not going to believe the epilogue, talk about throwing you for a loop!  I can guarantee you won't see the ending coming!  It's intense, it's crazy, it's going to make you second guess everything you thought you already knew!  I'm so nervous to see what's going to happen next in Destruction, but I can hardly wait for the next book to release.

If you  haven't already taken a chance on The Mystic Series what are you waiting for?  This is such a great series and you can still get Descension, the first book for FREE!

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