Wednesday, May 24, 2017

Review: Royal Player, by Katie McCoy

Charlie Davenport is the bad boy of British tennis - and third in line to the throne. He’s a beast on the courts, and a wild animal in bed (according to all the tabloids). Girls are lining up for chance at his crown jewels, and when I stumble into the wrong Wimbledon dressing room and catch a glimpse of his game, set, AND match, I can see why.

So what’s a little good luck kiss between f̶r̶i̶e̶n̶d̶s̶ strangers? 

I know better than to get involved with a bad boy like Charlie. But now he’s on a winning streak, he thinks I’m his lucky charm - and you know what’s luckier than a kiss?


Suddenly, I've got paparazzi on my trail, exes coming out of the woodwork — and you don’t know ‘cutthroat’ until you’ve seen a pack of hungry socialites set loose near the Royal Family.

I’m in way over my head, and even worse - I’m falling in love. Can this American girl win her Prince Charming? Or will we both crash out of the championships in flames? 

3 out of 5 stars

When I read the synopsis for this book I just had to say yes to reading it mainly because not only do I enjoy a good love story especially those involving princes but when I'm not reading I love playing tennis!  

The story starts out with our heroine Emmy having just landed in London, for her first trip abroad.  She's en route to meet her best friend where they will be working the tea tents during Wimbledon to make a little extra cash to fund this adventure abroad.  Before she knows it she is off on her first mission to serve tea, finds herself lost and accidentally ends up in a very naked Charlie Davenport's locker room.  It's a great meet cute!  Needless to say Charlie is intrigued - all it takes is one spark - one interaction and he has to have more.

Charlie is the black sheep of the royal family so to speak.  While he may not be the man the tabloids portray him to be he has decided to embrace the reputation they've given him.  This has always worked for him, except now he has a certain American girl he cannot get off his mind, one who perhaps give him a purpose, a reason to show the world his true nature - and let me assure you it is swoon worthy.  He is protective, genuine, has a natural philanthropic heart and when he let's himself love it's fierce and he especially isn't the type of guy who plays games.

Emmy tends to keep her true personality hidden.  She's been burned before and never wants to experience the heartache that seemingly goes hand in had with giving your trust away so she protects herself at all costs.  Sometimes without even realizing it.  She's artistic and passionate and has this innate ability to see the good in people.  She is the kind of character who easily draws others near - she is kind, she has a sense of self confidence she isn't afraid to let loose when it's needed and while she comes across as this perfect wholesome girls she also knows how to let loose and have fun!

So why only 3 stars?  Overall I enjoyed the story but it felt too much like too many movies I had already seen before.  While I don't mind a predictable story this one just felt too easily figured out.  It started out and wrapped up very quickly without really even giving me time to settle into a pace that allowed me to feel connected to the characters and their story.  I know mutual attraction was there but I would have enjoyed seeing the author expand on the how's and why they fell in love because it's like one minute they meet and the next true love is being declared without really any build-up.  My final thoughts would be to say Royal Player is a very sweet story with minimal conflict - so if that's your thing then don't think twice about taking a chance on this story.  

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