Wednesday, April 26, 2017

Review: Royally Screwed, by Emma Chase

Nicholas Arthur Frederick Edward Pembrook, Crowned Prince of Wessco, aka His Royal Hotness, is wickedly charming, devastatingly handsome, and unabashedly arrogant; hard not to be when people are constantly bowing down to you. 

Then, one snowy night in Manhattan, the prince meets a dark haired beauty who doesn't bow down. Instead, she throws a pie in his face.

Nicholas wants to find out if she tastes as good as her pie, and this heir apparent is used to getting what he wants. 

Dating a prince isn't what waitress Olivia Hammond ever imagined it would be.

There's a disapproving queen, a wildly inappropriate spare heir, relentless paparazzi, and brutal public scrutiny. While they've traded in horse drawn carriages for Rolls Royces, and haven't chopped anyone's head off lately, the royals are far from accepting of this commoner. 

But to Olivia, Nicholas is worth it.

Nicholas grew up with the whole world watching, and now Marriage Watch is in full force. In the end, Nicholas has to decide who he is and, more importantly, who he wants to be: a King... or the man who gets to love Olivia forever.

5 out of 5 stars  

There are many things in my life which I enjoy, 2 of which are: 1 - A good romance book that leaves me with all the feels and 2 - A Hallmark movie with the ability to suck me in with all their HEA and predictable goodness.  You know what I'm talking about I mean it is one of the most watched channels from November 1st to January 1st with women.  It's hands down my favorite "TV season" of the year.  I cannot help myself, I ALWAYS fall victim to their sappy predictable plot lines with perfect happily ever afters because who doesn't love a good love story?  Well, Royally Screwed gave me the best of both and completely made my week!  I knew even from the first page I was going to devour this book in one sitting and absolutely love every minute.

Nicholas is the Crowned Prince of Wessco and as perfect as that sounds, it most assuredly has its disadvantages.  Other than Christian Grey, I don't know of anyone else who requires women sign a NDA prior to sex.  Then there is the fact Nicholas truly has no idea if people aka women want him for himself or for his money and power.  Then there is the pesky detail of  having very little say in whom he is going to marry.  Love doesn't really matter because if said woman is gong to be queen there is a huge royal check-list of requirements, each of which she must meet.  So basically he has a crown, tons of money, and a tiny bit of power but essentially no true say in the direction of his entire life and unfortunately that's bound to effect his level of happiness. 

Enter Olivia Hammond;  loud, hardworking, blunt, New Yorker.  Olivia had no idea who Nicholas was when he walked into her pie shop, but it was certainly one of those defining life moments she isn't ever going to be able to forget.  She challenges Nicholas and empowers him to be the person he wants to be, to be the best version of himself.  Of course he can only spend at most 5 months with her before he must return to his reality, pick a woman who meets all the royal requirements, marry her and produce and heir. 

To make the most of their short time together he whisks her away to Wessco and his Royal life.  Needless to say the Queen isn't happy and will not budge - responsibilities are just that and as far as she is concerned love or not those responsibilities must be met.  What will happen?  Can love conquer all?    

This book was pretty much perfection for me.  It has everything I love, nothing I hate and even a few twists and surprises!  Royally Screwed was the perfect amount of humor, drama and heart.  Job well done, Emma!


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