Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Review: Epic Lies by Trudy Stiles

DAX ANDERSON has always been the one to keep it all together.

~ His family~
~ His friends~
~ His band~

His heart is huge, but guarded. He’s the best friend. The protector. The shoulder to cry on. But he’s never been able to protect his own heart or himself. Lies from his not-so-distant past have destroyed his outlook on love - until he meets her.

GISELLE ANDREWS is confident and happy, but cautious. She’s learned to overcome many obstacles despite her past. She’s fiercely loyal and loves beyond measure. When she’s reminded of her past and the pain that she lived through, will her perfect world begin to crumble?

What connects Dax and Giselle?
And will EPIC LIES destroy their future?

Review:  4.5 of 5 stars

Epic Lies is one of those books that yo u immediately love.  It sucked me in from the beginning, just like all of Trudy's books.  If you haven't read Epic Fail or the Forever Family series, please go and one click them now, because you are missing out!  This can be read as a standalone, but the other books are so good, don't miss out!

Dax Anderson is the drummer for the band Epic Fail.  You see him in some other books, but really get to know him in this book.  He is not your typical rock star. I love that you see Dax in the past and the present.  He has had some tough breaks in life and there are times I was heartbroken for his circumstances. 

Giselle Andrews is a spunky, fun, character that seems to be able to overcome any obstacle or situation that life throws at her.  I was drawn to her immediately and loved reading from her point of view.  Both Dax and Giselle have had bad relationships and been mistreated and used so trust does not come easy for either one of them.  

I loved the way that these characters were introduced to each other.  I also loved the flash backs.  It was interesting for the reader to figure out exactly what was occurring before the characters had put the pieces together.  Was it predictable?  Yes, but it was extremely well written and I think that it does not take away from the story in the least.  As always, in our reviews, "all truth, no lies":  Get this book today!  You won't be disappointed!

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