Monday, April 11, 2016

Review: Spy Girl by Jillian Dodd

What happens when you get pulled out of spy academy before graduation because you look good in a bikini?

Your mission, should you choose to accept it:
Protect the heir to the throne of Montrovia, while uncovering the person or persons behind the plot to assassinate him in order to take over control of this geographically important sovereign nation, and eliminate the threat.

Get close to the hottest prince on the planet and work for Black X, the double-black covert group so secret even the President of the United States is on a need-to-know basis?  I accept.

4 of 5 Stars

We were pretty excited to read this new book from Jillian Dodd.  We absolutely love the way she perfectly mixes drama and fun into each one of her story lines.  From the get go Spy Girl sounded like something a little different from her normal genre, so needless to say we were interested to see if it lived up to our expectations.

Agent X is pulled from her elite spy academy suddenly to go on a Top Secret and important mission to protect the Prince of Montrovia and find out who is out to kill him.  Taking the cover of Huntley Von Allister, an orphaned heiress, the journey begins.  From her introduction I was intrigued by this character, and even now, with the last page turned I still have many unanswered questions about her true identity, what really happened to her parents and the story behind Blackwood, her spy academy.  Agent X is no doubt a fun character, who sort of reminds me of Keatyn in her personality.  The Prince of Montrovia is her first "real" mission.  This is a chance to actually prove herself, which is necessary if she wants to achieve her ultimate goal, and in order for this mission to be successful she will have to keep her emotions at bay, a task which is proving more and more difficult the further into the mission she gets.

In order to  meet the prince, Huntley and her "brother," another under cover agent, Ari have to make friends with influential people.  Cue the introduction of several notable hotties.  So now not only do we have a dreamy real life Prince interested in Huntley but then there is also Daniel, the VP of the United States son, and let's just say when Huntley and Daniel share a page their chemistry is off the charts!

We throughly enjoyed the first book in this new series from Jillian Dodd!  The second half of the story seemed to keep my attention more than the first part, since I think I had more of a connection to the characters once the story's groundwork was laid.  The first half of the book primarily felt like a launch pad, which I now understand was needed in order to catapult this book into a full blown series.  The only other thing we did not love was the POV.  It seemed to alternate throughout the mission from Huntley to a narrator perspective.  We would have preferred to just have the entire book from Huntley's perspective.  

In conclusion, if you love drama, mystery, fun, and a strong, self sufficient bad ass female lead in a book, this one is for you!  We are certainly hooked and are excited to see where book 2 will lead Huntley on her next mission.  Hopefully, we will get the answers we are seeking on her real identity as well!  Either way, one things for sure...we predict each book to be more and more addicting the further we dive into Agent X's story.  

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