Monday, November 30, 2015

Release and Review: Blur by N.A. Alcorn

Title: Blur
Series: Changing Colors Part Two
Author: N.A. Alcorn
Genre: Contemporary Romance
 Release Date: November 30, 2015


When Dylan’s band is offered a deal they can’t refuse, within a month they’re in L.A., signing with Wallace & Wright Records.

Then Brooke walks in and changes everything. Not only does she work for the record label, but she’s also producing their debut album.

Like someone else pressed play on Brooke's future, she knew there was no rewinding, no take two. That was until Dylan came blaring back into her life at full volume.

He broke down her walls.

She ruined him for everyone else.

Desire and regret, passion and pain, their love wouldn’t stop consuming them.

Sometimes appearances can be deceiving.

This isn’t a love triangle, this is something different.

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Review: 5 of 5 Stars

I read Forget back in July and I have been unable to do what the title suggests, the book is unforgettable.  I loved the characters and I loved the writing.  I was hooked from page one of that book and experienced so many emotions while reading.  To say my heart was broken at the end is an understatement.  And then I had to wait 5 LONG months to get a conclusion.  It was pure torture and I am pretty sure that Nat stayed off social media to avoid stalkers fans like me.  Once Blur arrived on my Kindle, I wanted to start reading immediately.  However, I was a little scared and anxious.  What if my heart couldn't take it?!?!

Blur begins exactly where we are left hanging in Forget.  Super hot Dylan and his band the Careless Cockups are in L.A. to begin their debut album.  Brooke and Dylan are both in for a shock when they realize they will be working together.  But the biggest shock for Dylan, Brooke is engaged to Jamie.  I could feel Dylan's heart shatter and his blinding rage.  And I really, really wanted to be pissed at Brooke.  But, I couldn't bring myself to hate her.  She has so many demons and secrets that I knew there was a good reason for her actions, even if I wanted to slap some sense into her.

After the initial shock of working together is over, they give a good effort and hating each other, trying to be friends and just pissing the other off.  But is so pointless.  Bright Eyes and Little Wing have so much chemistry, I am surprised my Kindle didn't spontaneously combust.  They can fight their feelings all they want, but these two are a match made in literary heaven.

Even though I figured out the secret that Brooke has been keeping from everyone, I loved the journey to get there, though my heart was ripped to shreds multiple times.  Anyone reading it can see Brooke's agony and that she does not want to hurt anyone.  She only wants to protect those that she loves and ends up hurting herself in the process.  Thank God for Millie and her words of wisdom.  Her humor and letters of advice were priceless.  This story is a poignant, beautiful, redemptive story.  It fully displays how words, actions and love can affect a person.  Prepare yourself for a wonderful, emotional roller coaster and enjoy the ride this book will provide. Excellent job, Ms. Alcorn.  I can't wait to read more novels of yours in the future!

(PS- #NoSleepTillBrookeDylan is my new favorite hashtag!)

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Author Bio

N.A. Alcorn resides in Northern Kentucky with her husband and son. Never following the norm, her style of romance “flies outside [the box.]” She is the author of the wildly hilarious Infamous Series, and also delved into romantic suspense with her third release, Covertly Strong.

She loves music, can’t take a proper selfie if her life depended on it, refuses to parallel park, and probably has the most obnoxious laugh you’ll ever hear. If she could live off coffee and Reese’s Cups, she’d be one happy lady.

Procrastinator at heart, N.A. tells herself she’ll meet every deadline. Tomorrow. She’ll finish it tomorrow, she swears.
She loves meeting readers. Always feel free to send her an email or message.

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