Friday, August 7, 2015

Review: That Baby, by Jillian Dodd

First comes love, then comes marriage . . . and then comes That Baby. 

That Baby is the final book in the That Boy trilogy by USA Today bestselling author, Jillian Dodd. 

It’s amazing how a few little words can change your life. 

It starts with a simple I love you. 
It’s made official with I do. 
And becomes incredible with I’m pregnant. 
Jadyn is the girl I love. The girl I’ve always loved. 
Our lives are like single threads meticulously woven together—the result an exquisite tapestry of past, present, and future. 
Then there are the words that will unravel me. 
A few little words that will change my life.

4.5 of 5 Stars

It is hard to believe a little over two years ago we started Romance Rewind Blog.  In fact, one of the very first review posts we did was for That Boy and That Wedding.  (The blog post is so old it even has the original covers and we love them so much we can't bring ourselves to update the post.)  That being said, waiting for the release of That Baby has felt like forever!  It was a long wait, but now with the last page turned in the story of JJ, Phillip and Danny, we can say without a doubt this book was worth the wait! Each installment in this series has continually proved to be a fantastic read full of humor, emotion and genuine characters, so if you haven't already one clicked That Boy and That Wedding you absolutely need to.

Talk about feeling honored, when we received an advanced copy of That Baby (Thank you JD!) we were beyond excited and thrilled!  Once downloaded to the iPad I didn't want to do anything except dive right in, which was virtually impossible until the next day.  Talk about torture!  Finally the opportunity presented itself I found myself once again back in Jadyn's world, wondering where this journey would take her next.  JJ's struggles with grief and stress only make her seem more realistic, but her attitude and humor make her the best.  Back from her honeymoon and moving into their new house, life with Phillip couldn't be more perfect,  She is super happy as a newlywed, maybe the happiest I've ever seen her in this series.  The two pink lines on a pregnancy test are a total surprise and even though she initially panics it doesn't take long before she regains control of her fears.  I was so pleased to see her growth so early on and watch as she applies all she has learned in this area from the previous books.

Philip is as sweet and caring as ever.  Becoming a husband has made him even more swoon worthy, I know hard to believe but it's the honest truth!  JJ is a gift which he not only loves, but cherishes every day of his life and his actions (both small and large) speak volumes as to just how deep those feelings run.  He isn't perfect and neither is she but as a reader you never doubt their love and respect for one another.  Together as a team they navigate through life's both rough and calm seas, marriage isn't supposed to be easy but seeing two people who want to make it work makes for a truly beautiful story.  

Best friends Danny and Lori, who not only live next door, but who are also expecting aid in taking this story to places I never saw coming!  Danny is still playing football in the NFL and is as fun loving as you remember, but with Lori's pregnancy come new pressures and stress leaving them unsure of how to find their way back to the same page.  I was totally thrown for a loop with Lori and her attitude.  I loved her in the previous books, but this one not so much.  Every time I thought she couldn't get any worse, she did.  I completely understand the reason behind it, but I really wanted to see the "I'm Sorry" scene.  I needed to have a play by play so I could get some closure on my end.  Yeah, I am the person that holds grudges against fictional characters-Don't judge me!  :)  

In my opinion the strength, beauty and love of friendship has always been a dominate theme in the previous two books and once again in That Baby.  The three amigos remain best friends throughout every difficulty they have ever faced.  They are a true picture of friendship, encompassing not only the good but also the bad.  This book takes our favorite characters on a journey beyond anything they've ever experienced in the past.  Not a single one has been excluded from the bumpy road Jillian Dodd so expertly penned, that's right Jillian has decided none of them are immune to tragedy and difficult circumstances!  While some readers may dislike this I personally think it makes the characters more realistic and further brings them to life.  

As far as a criticism goes, I would have preferred the entire book be told only from Jadyn's POV with one flip to Phillip.  I understand the reason for flash backs, but for me, it was hard to think about the past when I was so caught up and concerned with the present/future.  The part of the story I am referencing, without giving to much away, felt too all over the place.  I totally get what Jillian Dodd was trying to do but it felt a little rushed and I didn't walk away with the same closure as Jadyn took away from the "experience." 

Make sure you read the note at the beginning and end from the author.  It will bring so many aspects of this story into perspective and further deepen your journey into this fictional world.  When a book makes you laugh, invokes anger, fear and sobbing cries, you know it is worth every moment you take to read it.  I would gladly fall in love with these characters and read this entire series again, it was picture perfect.

Additional Note:
There are some authors that stick out in your mind only because of the stories they write.  But others are interactive with their fans and are real friends to them.  They care when things happen in your personal life and are interested in what you are doing.  I can think of a few off the top of my head that I truly call friends, but one stands out.  Jillian Dodd really helped shape and grow our blog.  When we had 20 likes on Facebook she helped catapult us to 100 and we thought we had died and gone to heaven.  After all, who would want to read reviews written by two best friends, with a guilty pleasure for good books?!  We have always had a motto to write REAL reviews, no matter who the author or publisher might be.  Hopefully, that translates in our reviews and it is what keeps you coming to our blog for more replays of novels.  


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  2. I pretty much figured that I would enjoy this third book in the series. The characters are well written and the dynamic between them pulls the reader in. It was a tear jerker towards the end of the novel with many questions rolling around in my head as to what was going to happen, etc. I loved that it kept me entertained and kept my interest.

    Would recommend to anyone who enjoys romance, comedy and a fantasy world of sorts. It pulls you in and doesn't let go. Wish there was a fourth book!

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