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Review: What's Left of Us by Amanda Maxlyn

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What's Left of Us by Amanda Maxlyn

The heartwarming conclusion to What's Left of Me.
Love found me three years ago.
I’m cancer free, happily married to the love of my life, and working toward my dream career.
Our life is complete. Perfect, really.
Or is it?
I’ve always wanted a family of my own, but never dreamed I could have one. Now Parker’s ready to make my dream our reality.
But sometimes our dreams are haunted by our deepest fears. Fears of failure, having a child, and in our case … death. How do I help the person I love get over his fear when I’m still trying to overcome that same fear myself?
Together we must learn What’s Left of Us.

Review:  4.25 of 5 stars

I can't begin to tell you how excited I was to receive this book on my kindle!  When I received the ARC, I was kind of bummed that I had other books that I had commitments to read prior to digging into this one.  If you have read What's Left of Me, you have already fallen in complete love with Aundrea and Parker.  If you haven't, you need to one click that baby today.  It was one of the most emotional, gut wrenching, amazing books of 2013!

What's Left of Us begins with a heck of a prologue and then goes back 3 months.  Dre is getting ready to graduate college, volunteering at the oncology department, is healthy and of course married to Parker.  I have always loved Dre's spirit and attitude.  She is still the same, fears and all.  Parker is of course wonderful.  He always knows exactly what to say and do to make Aundrea happy and ease her fears.  He likes to take chances but I suspected he also has some nagging fears-reference the epilogue of What's Left of Me!  When he suggests starting a family with Dre, you can imagine what is getting ready to happen in their lives. 

As I began What's Left of Us, I am not going to lie.  The beginning was not what I expected.  The prologue itself gave me a heart attack.  I was really intrigued that the author was not taking the story in the direction that I was expecting.  And then the bomb was dropped and it went the direction I originally thought it would go.  I honestly had a little trouble connecting back with Aundrea and Parker at the beginning of the book.  I think that for me,  I was so emotionally connected with them because of Dre's cancer battle that I didn't know how to connect with them during "normal" times.  I think that the emotions that the author brought out during the first book were so hard to match.  The struggles that they both experienced were horrible, and I felt everything that they both felt and sobbed like a baby!  

For me, I think the last 1/3 of the book was what made it.  We finally got to see the fears of Parker and Aundrea come to a head and they finally learned to deal with it and accept that we have one life to live.  We don't know when it will end for any of us and we should make the best of everyday.  I highly recommend this book and think you will thoroughly enjoy it.  I would love to see the author do a spin off so we could see Jean's fears.  It would be a super entertaining read.  Well done Ms. Maxlyn.  I can't wait to see what else you have in store for us.  PS-The title's meaning=mind blown!

I am the mother of two little boys, married to the love of my life, and living in one of the smallest towns in Minnesota. When I’m not chasing or cleaning up after my boys (yes, all three), I can be found writing or snuggled up with my kindle, a glass of wine, and spending time with my fictional friends and family.
I am first and foremost an avid reader! I love to read anything romance from paranormal, young/new adult, contemporary, and even yes, (wide eyes) erotic/BDSM.

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