Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Review: Fearless, by Rachel Van Dyken


When I met Kiersten, time stood still. It was as if every cell in my body screamed HER. I couldn't look away, I couldn't walk away, I couldn't even move. My other half, my soul mate, was staring right at me. I had to have her. I had to make her mine. But I felt selfish doing that--knowing that I may not have endless amounts of time to give her...and even now that every things' over with and I've been given that time back. 

Nothing is ever certain in this life. 

Which is why I'm about to do something crazy, impulsive, daring. 
After all, what type of person would I be if I didn't take my own advice?
I'm jumping off the cliff, I'm living fearlessly.

This is the continuation of Wes and Kiersten's story.

4.5 out of 5 stars

Fearless is the long awaited novella devoted to Wes and Kiersten and of course their happily ever after.  The story begins with Wes in good health, a NFL player for the Seattle Seahawks and just as desperately in love with Kiersten as ever before.  He longs to marry her, to start the beginning of the rest of his life, after waiting so long for so many things he simply doesn't want to wait any longer to give her his last name.  Kiersten knows Wes is the love of her life and while she is grateful he came back to her she is also fearful that at any moment things will take a turn for the worse and they will be right back to fighting for his life again.  Sometimes the fear is downright crippling, stealing away from the moments of joy in her life.  Fortunately though she doesn't have to do life alone, she gets to walk through it with a man who loves her with ever fiber of his being.  A man who lives each day to its fullest, never taking anything for granted, completely fearless.

This novella was full of fabulous Wes philosophies, and while some may perceive them as "cheesy" I think they are 100% completely in line with his character.  I think Wes appreciates life, love and beauty in a way those of us who haven't been in his situation before can ever really understand.  Simply put, his character is inspiring.  Every husband should cherish his wife with words and actions as well as Wes demonstrates with Kiersten.  

I have to say I really enjoyed getting a look into the emotional turmoil Kiersten was struggling with.  Her fears were all genuine and very real.  She was mentally and emotionally strong for so long that it was nice to be reminded she has fears also.  

At it's core Fearless is a beautiful, romantic, heartwarming wrap up to the Wes and Kiersten love story.  Getting a first hand look at their wedding and a glimpse into their future, what more could I ask for?  Fearless is an absolute must read for those who have previously read Ruin.  This novella also sets the stage for Shame, Lisa's story and let's just say from what little we know this is going to be another incredible story.  I cannot wait to see what's in store for her.  

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