Tuesday, November 5, 2013

The Edge of Always (3.8 stars), by J.A. Redmerski

3.8 out of 5 stars

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We received an ARC from the publisher via Netgalley in exchange for an honest review...
Last December we stumbled across The Edge of Never and immediately fell in love not only with the book and Andrew and Camryn, but also with J.A. Redmerski.  She has this knack for sucking you completely into a story.  We both picked up the Edge of Never and read the entire book in one sitting.  To say we loved the story is an understatement (in fact it was the catalyst to our renewed book obsession and eventual creation of Romance Rewind), so when we learned Andrew and Camryn were getting a sequel we couldn’t wait to get our hands on a copy and see what was in store for one of our favorite book couples. 

This story begins exactly where The Edge of Never left us, so if you haven’t read the first book please don’t read any further in this review or both books will be spoiled for you.

Andrew is tumor free, Camryn is expecting a baby and the two are living in Texas.  In any story there has to be some form of drama and it doesn’t take long for the shit to hit the fan in this sequel.  For Andrew and Camryn, when it rains it pours and with the fallout of tragedy Andrew realizes the only way to save Camryn from herself is a much needed and over due road trip.

While we absolutely loved their road trip in the first book it was as if something was missing this time around.  Maybe it was because there was no mystery of secrets between the two or maybe it was too just too much like déjà vu.  Either way it left us wanting more. 

Some of the things we really enjoyed from this book journey were seeing that no matter what life throws at them these two always stick together and you never for one second doubt their love or dedication.  They are a team for better or worse and honestly its even more clear now that together they make the perfect couple.  We loved their conversations, quirkiness, and the promises they made one another throughout their journey. We refuse to give specific details because we really don’t want to give away the whole story.

We have struggled with this review because our hopes for this book were exceptionally high and truthfully we were somewhat disappointed.  Maybe if it had been a short novella stopping at the end of their road trip with an epilogue of their promising future we would have felt more satisfied.  But honestly parts of the book just felt forced, and sometimes if felt as if the story was just dragging on.  There were a couple of incidents we still are scratching our head over, wondering what impact they really made on the overall story.  We totally hated the beach party scene and felt it was completely unnecessary and out of character for both Camryn and Andrew.  In addition we really didn’t enjoy the change of perspective in the epilogue mainly because we didn’t really feel any connection to the character telling it.

We absolutely love J.A. Redmerski, she is still one our favorites, and we do think this book is worth your time to read because it truly is the conclusion to Andrew and Camryn’s love story.  No questions in regard to their relationship or life are left unanswered.  Everyone has different ideas as to how a sequel should turn out and just because we didn’t love it doesn’t mean you won’t.  

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