Thursday, September 26, 2013

Jet, by Jay Crownover

3.5 out of 5 stars

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Jet is the 2nd book in Jay Crownover's Marked Men series.  If you've read the first one, Rule, then you know one night Jet drove Shaw's best friend Ayden home after he performed and ever since Ayden hasn't really been herself.  This story picks up about a year after that fateful night, the one in which as it turns out Ayden threw herself at Jet only to find herself humiliated when he turned her down because he thought she deserved better than a one night stand.

From the moment I learned there would be a 2nd book in the series I knew it would be one I wanted to read.  When I started the book I was nervous wondering if I would fall for him and enjoy his and Ayden's story as much as I did Rule and Shaw's, I knew it would be a lot to live up to.  I liked this story and I like Jet, but he isn't Rule and while I enjoyed the book I didn't love it as much as I did Rule.

It really took until about the 50% mark before I felt vested in Ayden and Jet's story, it was like the book didn't get in rhythm until then.  However, once their story hit its stride the remainder was smooth sailing.  Jet and Ayden make a really great couple.  They fight their physical attraction and chemistry on a daily basis...neither one of them knowing what to do with it, but believing they're better off as friends.  Then one night things change, but will Ayden throw caution to the wind and really give Jet a chance?  Will Jet finally get over his fears of turning into his father and give love a real chance?  This couple has a lot of obstacles they must overcome if they're going to cast their fears aside, follow their hearts and actually commit to one another.

Some of the story is spent setting the stage for book #3, Rome.  I enjoyed getting an idea as to what his and Cora's journey may be about.  And of course there were glimpses of my favorite couple Rule and Shaw!  It was nice catching back up with the story lines and characters I came to care about in Rule.  My thoughts are if you liked Rule and want to catch back up with everyone then you definitely want to read Jet, he and Ayden may not have had the passion of Rule and Shaw but it was obvious they did love one another and but each had to work as individuals to figure out and go after what they wanted most.

Introduce yourself to the Marked Men series with book #1 Rule.

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You can also Pre-Order book # 3, Rome, which will release January 7, 2014.

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