Friday, June 28, 2013

Flat-Out Matt, by Jessica Park

4.3 out of 5 stars

Honest confession, I decided to read Flat-Out Love when I kept hearing people tweet about Flat-Out Matt.  I wasn't sure what Flat-Out Matt was about but I did figure out I would need to read the other book first.  As soon as I finished Flat-Out Love I immediately purchased and read in one sitting this fabulous novella.  If you haven't read both of these stories yet, then I suggest you immediately go purchase them and start reading!  I can promise this is going to be a story unlike anything you've read before and you're going to surprise yourself when you fall for geeky romantic Matty.

In Flat-Out Love you see, experience and fall in love with Matt through Julie's eyes, however in Flat-Out Matt you get a deeper look into Matty's mind and heart during some of the most pivotal chapers of Flat-Out Love.  As a bonus Jessica Park has gifted us with a couple of pre-Julie chapters and one seriously hot and steamy post Flat-Out Love scene.  Who knew geeky boys could be so incredibly hot!  Those two things alone are enough for me to recommend you buy and experience this book.


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