Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Review: Author Anonymous, by E.K. Blair


A TRUE STORY told through the voice of New York Times Bestselling author E.K. Blair.

She’s an author.
She’s a mother.
She’s a wife.
She’s a fraud.

A woman marked and bound by her own deceit, this is the astounding tale of how one choice knocked her world from its axis forcing her to battle through a year of scandal and betrayal, blurring the lines between reality and fantasy.

This is an intoxicatingly risqué stand-alone true story tangled in lust, heartbreak, and contrition.

5 out of 5 stars

Have you ever watched something unfold in front of your eyes where you know you should turn away, give the person privacy but you literally cannot move?  Your brain and body disconnect and you’re held hostage to watch the terrible scenario play out in front of you.  You sense it’s bad, you sense it’s private, but for the love of all things you are just too curious to do anything but be a bystander.  That’s exactly what reading this E.K. Blair book is like.

You know precisely where the story is going to go, you know the slippery slope the main character has started down, you know it’s going anywhere but a HEA but you’re so completely drawn to her you decide to ride along with her anyways, just to see how far she is willing to take it, to see how much destruction will actually be caused.  Because let’s face it, you know it’s a true story and that fact alone makes you all the more curious as to the why and the what happened next questions your mind is firing off at a rapid pace.

Author Anonymous is far from a happy story, but again it’s not really fiction, it’s based off someone’s real life and life isn’t always happy.  It’s mostly messy and this story is just that, it’s muddled and chaotic and so consuming you’re literally going to want to read it straight thru without any breaks because Tori’s just boarded a train headed for the crash of her life.

I’ll admit there is a huge part of me who wants to know the true identity of Tori, our author anonymous.  Not necessarily because I want to know who the double life belongs to so I can judge them, but because I just have such a heavy heart for them and I want a real face to put with a real story.  This real person maybe be a lot of things, but what I know about her from this story is she’s an incredibly brave person for opening herself up and allowing this story to be told.  I just hope she has found herself and possibly through this book she has found a sense of healing, of peace and I pray most of all she will find not necessarily happiness because that’s circumstantial, I hope she’s found joy. 

E.K. Blair pens this story with so much passion and emotion, the entire time I felt as though it were Author Anonymous speaking the words herself.  The writing is completely seamless, she tells this story without judgement and I for one was completely captivated.  I absolutely encourage you to buy this book, open your heart and dive right in.

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