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Blog Tour and Review: Vegas Love, by Jillian Dodd

Hollywood actress, Ashlyn Roberts, just had the worst week of her life. Her ex released a sex tape of them and just when she was convinced her current boyfriend was a keeper for standing by her side, he breaks up with her at a friend’s wedding. She’s planning to drown her sorrows in booze when she meets a sexy stranger as she’s leaving the wedding and they end up in Vegas, married.

Cash Crawford is offered a dream job working with his brother as a junior talent agent. He’ll put his shiny new law degree to good use and make a bunch of money in the process. His first task is simple: Keep Ashlyn Roberts out of trouble and don’t sleep with her.
Which might be kind of tough, since they definitely consummated their Vegas wedding.

Will this one night stand end in the quickie divorce they promised each other? Or will they realize they got lucky in love?

She pulls me into a limo. “Where are we going?” I ask. Not that I care. At this point, I’d go just about anywhere with this girl. She’s amazing. And I don’t just mean the sex—which was practically mind-blowing. She’s gorgeous and funny as shit.
“I’m surprised you’d want to go there after—” She grabs my lips in her fingertips and shuts them, giving me fish lips.
“Rule number one,” she says. “No talking about the past. Other than I’m going to say that the last two times I’ve been in Vegas have been big disappointments. Give me a minute. I need to make a call.”
“Who are you calling?”
“Carter Crawford. He doesn’t know it yet, but we’re going to borrow his plane. I happen to know he’s not leaving here until tomorrow afternoon. Do you know him?”
“The best man?” I ask. I consider telling her that I know Carter quite well, since he’s my brother, but I don’t. She wants a no-names-kind-of night. Which is funny considering everyone knows the actress Ashlyn Roberts, who’s well-known for her blockbuster movie roles, red carpet antics, and bubbly personality.
“After the breakup with Luke and before I started dating Zach, Carter took me to Vegas,” she says, causing me to tense up. Just the thought of her fucking anyone other than me—particularly my brother—threatens to rip me apart. How can I possibly feel so crazy jealous over her already? It was just sex. Wasn’t it? “I thought our trip would be romantic with a whole lot of hot and sweaty, you know, but nothing happened between us. His brother, Cade, is my agent, and he was just trying to cheer me up.”
I breathe easier, then let my lips graze down her neck. “If hot, sweaty, romantic Vegas is what you want, Hotass. It’s what you’ll get.”
“I need a wig though.”
“So no one recognizes me, silly. I have a fake ID. Sometimes, I just want to go out without it being a scene. Tonight is one of those nights.”
“I bet we can find you a wig in Vegas.”
“Ha, you’re right,” she says as I pull her on my lap and kiss her again.
We fuck on the plane.
Drink some more.
When we land in Vegas, we go directly to a store where she sends me in to buy a wig.
“What kind?” I ask.
“Long and blond.”
“Hot,” I say.
“While you do that, I’ll get us set up in a hotel.”
When I get back in the town car, she tells the driver which hotel to take us to.
“I’ve never stayed here before,” she says, pulling on the wig. “You go get the key, okay? I told them your name was Harry Tripping and not to ask for ID.”
“That’s funny.”

We ride the elevator to one of the upper floors and enter a sprawling suite. “Very nice. You have good taste.”
“Only the best for our wild one-night stand.”
A butler appears out of nowhere. “Anything you need?”
“Nothing he can’t give me,” she says, pulling on my tie and giving me a naughty grin.
I send the butler away then lead her over to the windows. “Look at this view.”
“Ohmigawd! Look! The Bellagio fountains are starting!” She leans against the glass and looks down. “Wow. This is kinda trippy.”
I push my hips into her ass, somehow ready for round—hell, I lost count. Two times at the wedding, a blow job in the limo, joined the mile high club twice, so round—six. Doesn’t matter though, my Johnson is raring to go. I wrap my arms around her waist, kiss her neck, and finger her while she watches the fountains rise. She reaches back and slides her hand down my pants.
“You’re hard again,” she says, seemingly surprised.
“You turn me on,” I whisper.
“Do me right here. I feel like I should say your name—but this is a still a no-names-kind-of night, right?”
“That’s what you wanted. I’m still calling you Hotass because, you”—I lift her skirt, slide off her panties, and slap her naked butt—“have a very hot ass.”
“Oh!” she says when I spank her. She guides me into her and as I start thrusting, she bends over more—putting her arms out and her hands flat against the glass.
“This is like a fantasy,” she says, moving against me in time with the fountains. “Do you think when they do the big finale you can come?”
“I’d rather make you come.”
“Spank me again, then.”
I pull back, but not out, giving myself just enough space to smack her ass before plunging deep inside her.
“Oh, god! Do it harder! Oh, fuck, yes. Yes. Yes. Yes!”
And just before the fountains stop, she collapses against the window.

4.5 out of 5 stars

Vegas Love is without a doubt a super fun, sexy read.  Imagine what would happen if two young, good looking people with instant chemistry met at a wedding, went to Las Vegas for a fun night and ended up married.  Now imagine if those two were actually made perfectly for one another?  Would they have the courage to uncover their true feelings and fight for love and happiness or would they call it a mistake, move on and do their best never to look back?  This is the question Jillian poses as she takes us on an adventure with two very endearing characters Ashlyn and Cash.

Ashlyn is a young movie star on the rise with a string of bad publicity which she doesn't seem to be able to escape.  It never fails that for every single one of her bad decisions someone is there to catch her in the act, it also doesn't help like most every other girl she just wants to be loved and protected.  Her rise to stardom was quick, and at her core she is a genuine person who always believes the best in those around her.  Unfortunately though this characteristic has left her open and vulnerable to those willing to take advantage of her for a chance at their own fame.

Cash, licking his wounds from a failed relationship with someone whom it took a long time to realize really wasn't his HEA has decide to take his brother Carter, an agent,  up on a job offer and return to his roots in LA.  Little does he realize the woman he married on a whim would be his first assignment, one in which he promised to keep his hand off of.  

So what did I love about this book?  For one thing the chemistry between Ashlyn and Cash.  I love how protective of her he is, watching him take care of her and stick up for her melted my heart every single time. When it came to Ashlyn he was completely selfless, and that's how I knew it was love. They seemed to get one another and to be honest they make a great team, together they are the kind of people you love reading about, and no matter what the author throws at them you keep wanting to see how they will react, will it make them stronger or will it tear them apart?  These situations are what made the story good.  They were creative curve balls which forced each character to push beyond their boundaries as individuals and as a couple.  They each need one another more than they initially realized.  Jillian kept me on my toes each and every time a she a new challenge was presented.  

Vegas Love was a perfect escape with two characters I really enjoyed getting to know.  If you love Jillian Dodd's other books this one will suck you in perfectly and if you've never read one of her masterpieces before then this is as good of a place as any to start.  Her stories never disappoint, if anything I didn't want to have to tell these two goodbye!

About Author Jillian Dodd

Jillian Dodd grew up on a farm in Nebraska, where she developed a love for Midwestern boys and Nebraska football. She has drank from a keg in a cornfield, attended the University of Nebraska, got to pass her candle, and did have a boy ask her to marry him in a bar. She met her own prince in college, and they have two amazing children, a Maltese named Sugar Bear, and two Labrador puppies named Camber Lacy and Cali Lucy. She is the author of the That Boy Trilogy and The Keatyn Chronicles Series.

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