Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Review: Eyes of The Woods, by Eden Fierce

Title: Eyes of the Woods
Author: Eden Fierce
Age Group: YA
Genre: Paranormal Romance
Cover Designer: Okay Creations, Sarah Hansen

Eris Helgren knew her life was about to end. A daughter of the Priory--a generations-old family who protected their territories from nightwalkers--Eris was strong and independent. But on her birthday, her father would announce her betrothal. A year later, she would be forced to marry.

What Eris didn’t know was that the very beings she hunted were watching her, and that being tamed wasn’t what would kill her after all. 

In a land where the woods were forbidden and the laws meant life, Eris will have to make a decision that could bring peace between enemies, or war among friends.

3.75 of 5 stars

If I am being 100% honest, I will tell you that I chose to read this book for only 2 reasons, the cover is amazing and the author is only 15 (14 at the time she wrote it)!  That is pretty amazing in itself.  Everyone knows that I love paranormal romance and this seemed like a win/win to read and review.  Now, I am going to go ahead and tell you what you probably already know, this book is written by the fabulous Jamie McGuire’s daughter.  Does that impact my review or feelings at all?  Nope.  I love Jamie, but as a reviewer, I have to look at things unbiased.  I have to keep my integrity as a reviewer/blog so rest assured when you read reviews here that they are 100% honest regardless of who the author/publisher.

This book was a fun read that I think for a debut author was really good.  The storyline was creative and little hard to follow at first, but once I focused in on it I could see the story unfolding more clearly.  I really love the protagonist, Eris and the struggles she faces.  She seems to be a strong character and capable of holding her own regardless of what life throws at her.  Eris is the daughter of the town Prior, the leader of the town if you will.  Her father’s responsibility is to keep humans safe from nightwalkers, evil, undead zombie/vampire beings that feed on human blood.  Her dad, three brothers and Eris hunt every night for these creatures to protect the humans.  The problem?  Eris is not so sure she is doing the right thing by killing them. 

Daniel is the love interest in the story and I really love him.  He is really sweet, caring and genuinely wants what is best for Eris.  He consistently wants what is best for her and what girl doesn’t love that?  I don’t want to say too much about him or their relationship though as I think it is best to watch it unfold yourself.

Overall, I enjoyed this book.  It reminded me of a cross between Twilight and White Walkers on Game of Thrones.  I am really impressed with Eden Fierce as an author and want to see more from her in the future.  I did feel that the story was a little rushed and I think the connection with Eris and Daniel could have been expounded upon further.  The plot climax was a little predictable and rushed as well.  I also felt that there could have been an epilogue that tied the story up a little nicer.  However, I think Eden did a better job than some authors twice her age, so kudos to her!  One click this one today to read this story.

About Author Eden Fierce

Eden Fierce was born on August 25, 1999 and lives in Enid, Oklahoma with her parents and two siblings. Eyes of the Woods is her debut novel, although it's only one of nine novels she has completed. Eden enjoys writing, reading, and high school cheer and volleyball.

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