Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Review: His Secrets, by Lisa Renee Jones

An Inside Out story, Chris's POV

In a world where my only escape has been my art, Sara has been the light in my darkness. And there is darkness, the kind of inky black that can bleed from my life to hers.

She doesn't see it. She doesn't understand what I've shown her. And my biggest fear is that soon...she will.

4.25 out of 5 stars

When I finished Revealing Us, I was hungry for more Chris and Sara.  I wasted no time one-clicking and reading this novella.  In the first three books I didn't really feel like I was missing out not hearing Chris' POV because every single one his actions towards Sara have always spoken loud and clear.  I never for once doubted he didn't care for and love her deeply.  But being inside his head, hearing the thoughts behind those actions...it was just beautiful and further cemented my love for his character and this couple.

His Secrets picks up days after Sara's agreed to become his wife.  They are hours away from returning to San Francisco, and Chris finds himself tormented with having only given Sara the opportunity of seeing a portion of his secrets before accepting his proposal.  He knows she deserves to be let in all the way, to see his past with eyes wide open before agreeing to a future, but he cannot bear the idea of losing her.  When the phone rings and it's Tristan calling with news of danger for Amber, Chris' fear of Sara's reaction to the whole truth are suddenly forced front and center.  It's now or never, he knows once she's seen where he's leading she will either run away or stay forever.

I enjoyed being inside Chris' head.  I feel as though this book only takes us even deeper into their story and while I also believe their road to HEA will be bumpy I do believe these two will do whatever it takes to fight for one another.  It's clear neither one will be able to walk away, they've been through too much together and only fallen further in love, in turn their connection has impacted their lives on so many levels.  It's impossible not to be sucked into this series and I cannot wait to get my hands on No In Between and see where Lisa Renee Jones takes Chris and Sara next.

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