Friday, July 18, 2014

Review: Blind Love by M.S. Brannon

“She is magnetic to me. Every emotion she feels pulls me that much closer to her charm and energy. For reasons unbeknownst to me, I want her to know what she means to me.” ~Jake Evans 

For Jake Evans, life was as it should be. No responsibilities. He was the master at embracing his reckless lifestyle whenever it presented itself. Surviving on his ability to expertly hustle, fight and womanize, Jake could do it all; lived it all. 

Raised in a rundown city, filled with crime and drugs, he had survived the death of an abusive mother and a life with an absent father while only having his brothers to depend on. His lifestyle became fast and Jake had lived it the only way he knew how, until the day he met Delilah. 

Delilah St. James was the epitome of flawless. Brought up in an affluent southern household, Delilah’s life had been planned from the moment she was born. She was raised to be the perfect socialite and daughter, and groomed to be the ideal wife. When a school internship moved her to Sulfur Heights for the summer, Delilah collided with the bitter reality of life outside her comfortable gated community when Jake Evans upset her perfect world. 

Over the next two years, Jake and Delilah became best friends, embracing a friendship neither one was prepared to have, although they soon found it to be a relationship that neither one of them were willing to sacrifice. 

A tragic turn of events brings Jake and Delilah together once again. Only this time, the feelings are different. Lines within their friendship are blurred. Everything they vowed never to do, becomes the very thing they cannot deny. Will Jake and Delilah’s relationship withstand the changes surrounding them? Or will the emotions sever the two year friendship they’d fought so hard to keep?

4.5 of 5 stars

As you know, I have been reading through the Sulfer Heights series by M.S. Brannon.  So far, I have really enjoyed the series.  I knew that when I read the synopsis to Blind Love that I was going to love it the most (at least out of the first 3).  I already loved the characters that the story revolves around, Jake and Delilah.  That being said, please do not read any farther unless you have read the first 2 books in the series, as this review will contain spoilers to them.

Jake Evans has got to be the biggest, man whore and egotistical guy around.  But dang it, you can't help but love him!  He is cocky, arrogant and doesn't have a clue how to have a relationship with anyone other than his brothers and "adopted" sisters. Now, since you have read Tragic Love, I was happy to discover that Blind Love is the same timeline.  It begins with the summer Delilah interns in Sulfer Springs.  I was always itching to know what was going on with Jake and Delilah while I was reading about Drake and Presley and now I do.  They have such a unique relationship and they make me laugh because they are so open and honest with each other. 

Delilah St. James is the rich kid from Memphis, but the girl has a heart of gold.  She never looks down on people and really wants to help others to a better life.  I don't think I expected that she would show so much love and compassion.  I know that she loves Presley but since you don't know the whole person in Tragic Love, it is hard to figure her out.  I do feel sorry for Delilah though, it has to be hard growing up with a mother that expects a perfect child and only wants status not love.  I have to say that I really can't stand her mother and they way she looks down on others who may not be as well off.  Thankfully, Delilah is nothing like her.  Delilah's main problem is that she tries to make everyone happy and in turn it makes her miserable.  The only person that she can be herself with is Jake.  How the heck does that happen? Jake Evans, of all people!  

Since you know the story from Tragic Love you will know what some of the events are as they occur.  However, I am happy to report that the book does not feel recycled at all and you learn so much more about what is happening while Drake and Presley are going through their horrible things.  

I really loved this story.  Honestly, it sort of reminded me a little of Noah and Allie from The Notebook.  Just the story of the rich girl and the perceived white trash boy.  It was a really fun read, but also had a lot of horrible tragedy.  I highly recommend you pick this up, along with the other books in the series.  Now I am off to read Surviving Love!

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