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Blog Tour: Dear Tabitha, by Trudy Stiles

Along with Trudy Stiles, we are very excited to share with you the Release of Dear Tabitha, the 2nd book in The Forever Family Series. If you have not read Dear Emily (Book #1) yet, now is the time to grab it while it is on sale for ONLY $.99 in celebration of the New Release.
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Author: Trudy StilesBook Title: Dear Tabitha ~ Series: Forever Family #2
Genre: New Adult/Romance

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You know me. You know who I am. What I am.
Damaged. Confused. Alone.
You feel sorry for me. You pity me.
You know what I’ve done. What I’ve given up. Who I’ve given up.
You try to understand what I’ve been through and how I can possibly go on with my life.
But you can’t possibly understand.
I’ve lost too much. Sacrificed too much. Given up everything so that I can find myself.
Well I’m done.
I’m done walking away from everything that matters.
It’s time for me to heal.
It’s MY TURN to earn…

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5 out of 5 stars

In Dear Tabitha, Trudy Stiles gives us a beautiful conclusion to Tabitha's story, so make sure you read Dear Emily first.  It's been over 2 years since one moment of weakness lead to the destruction of her relationship with Alex, since she broke Seth's heart and since she made the difficult, brave and selfless decision to give Emily to Carly and Kyle.  In that amount of time a lot can happen and people can change.  

I really believe Alex leaving was the catalyst Tabitha needed to take charge of her life.  While it didn't happen right away, Tabitha slowly started taking the steps needed to take back control of her life, of her destiny.  Knowing she could never return Seth's love while her heart still beat for Alex yet terrified of being alone she still choose to be honest with him and ended their relationship once and for all.  Still reeling from the loss of Sara yet knowing Emily deserved a strong, confident mother and father who can provide for her she courageously choose to give Emily to Carly and Kyle.  At the end of Dear Emily you see Tabitha is already more strong.  It's as though through the destruction of the demise of her and Alex she finds herself at rock bottom, but at her core she is a fighter, a survivor and even heartbroken and depressed she finds herself choosing to fight, to never find herself in this position again, to be strong and to one day be able to have a family of her own.  She may not have any control over Alex or the decisions of her past but she does get a voice in her future, a voice she is finally ready to possess. 

In this second book Tabitha emerges stronger, more confident, at peace with her decision to give Emily away.  While she is living alone and single she has the support of some close friends, she really is making a better life for herself and she is finally happy.  The new Tabitha chooses to be honest, to express her feelings no matter how hard it may be.  She's no longer scared, at least not until Alex unexpectedly shows up at her door.  Why is he here?  What doe he want?  Will he leave again once the truth is revealed?

I loved hearing this story told in alternating POV's from Alex and Tabitha, both present day and past perspectives.  I feel like I learned so much about Alex.  You get to see the demons from his past, which he battles on a regular basis.  You learn why he left Tabitha and how his decision to end things affected his own life.  Honestly his story is just as heartbreaking as Tabitha's, and I believe its this common thread of suffering that allows them to speak to one another's soul.  Alex is struggling with Tabitha's betrayal yet he still cares about her, thinks about her all the time, wants her back in his life but isn't sure he can really forgive her for wrecking him and throwing his love for her away.  Since leaving her his life has been spiraling out of control.  Exhausted and on a break from tour he finds himself at her doorstep, but he isn't sure what he hopes to find when she answers the door.  Is he hoping she looks as miserable as he feels?  Does he want to lash out at her again for throwing away something so good and perfect?  Or is he there because he is still in love with her and is hoping to get her back?  

Needless to say when Tabitha answers the door Alex is completely shocked, all the hate and resentment he has been dealing with vanishes and his heart pushes him to win her back.  While he is surprised to see the new Tabitha he is also so proud of her and admires her strength, he cannot help but ache to be closer, to hold her in his arms once again.  But things aren't always easy and when the truth comes out neither one knows whether or not Alex will be able to forgive her and move forward with any kind of relationship.

When I sat down to start this book it was late and I planned to only read a few chapters and then pick the rest up in the morning, but let me tell you Trudy Stiles completely sucked me in and I read the entire book cover to cover, without putting it down even once.  I was so vested in the story, I couldn't help but to keep on reading to find out how Tabitha was going to deal with everything life kept dishing her way.  Alex's reappearance in her life isn't the only curve ball she is thrown.  Its as though the universe wants to test her strength, to find out if she is really ready for her own happily ever after and if she is going to fight for it.  I liked this new Tabitha, I was so proud of her and I rooted for her along every step of the journey.  I appreciated seeing her determination even in her moments of weakness, I think it made her character more "real."  

In hearing from Alex's perspective, of his past and his struggles with the truth in his present I really feel like I was able to experience his growth, I felt even more connected to him in this story.  I better understood him as a person and thus his actions.  I loved watching him step up and become the man Tabitha needed, the man she deserved.  I appreciated getting a firsthand look into his apprehensions and rejoiced when he finally took courage to go after the life he always wanted.  

At times this book brought me to tears, tears of both happiness and heartbreak.  It also managed to completely shock me, so much so that I had to stop and re-read a couple of times just to make sure I was reading it correctly.  Trudy Stiles doesn't hold back and isn't afraid to test her characters and push their boundaries, and I loved every minute of it!  All questions are answered and all loose-ends are nicely tied up.  Hearing the epilogue from Seth's perspective was an interesting turn of events and I found myself enjoying getting to see the scenario play out through his eyes.  This is a must read book for anyone who read Dear Emily and those who haven't what are you waiting on?  These stories are completely unique, heartbreakingly  beautiful and very well written. 

About Author Trudy Stiles
Trudy Stiles is a New Adult author, mom to two beautiful children, and married to the love of her life. She is the author of the Forever Family series including “Dear Emily” and “Dear Tabitha”. There will be many more stories from this series and you never know who may have a standalone or novella written for them. Stay tuned!
Trudy is a music junkie and you’ll know that she’s writing when you see her plugged into her laptop with her earbuds in. Her playlist is unique and is a must for her writing sprints.
When she’s not writing, she’s carting her children to their various activities while avoiding any kind of laundry or housework. She also loves to run along the boardwalk of the beautiful New Jersey shore.
She’s always been an avid reader and frequently escapes into the fictional worlds of the many characters that she has come to love. Well, now there are some fictional characters in her head dying to get out!
This first story is called “Dear Emily” and was released in December 2013. “Dear Tabitha” will be released in March 2014. The Forever Family series will continue with several companion/stand alone novels.

Twitter: @trudystiles
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