Monday, July 1, 2013

Left Drowning, by Jessica Park

5 out of 5 stars

If you've read Flat-Out Love, Flat-Out Matt and Relatively Famous, then you know Jessica Park is a pretty talented writer.  This past weekend I was thrilled to see I had been approved to read an advanced copy of Left Drowning, her newest creation, on Netgalley. 

For the last few weeks my anticipation for this book has gotten out of control as I kept seeing an endless stream of 5 star reviews and let me tell you, saying I wasn't disappointed in all the hype is an understatement.  This book completely blew my mind wrecking every single one of my emotions along the way.  It absolutely deserves all the attention and praises it's receiving.  Jessica Park your talent clearly  knows no limits or end.  Left Drowning is absolute perfection.

Blythe McGuire, a senior at Matthews College, is struggling through every single aspect of her life.  She is plagued with the loss and grief following her parents death over 4 years earlier and desperately longs to feel anything.

One morning, unable to sleep, she has a chance encounter with Christoper Sheppard, also a senior, who secretly fights his own personal demons.  Immediately it's obivous these two individuals have a connection on a spiritual and not just a physical level.

Through her friendship and relationship with Chris and his siblings Blythe begins to heal, she begins to live life again learning to breathe through the pain.  As Blythe seemingly moves forward with her life Chris finds himself struggling to keep his head above the waters of his own family's traumatic past.

Will Chris allow Blythe to rescue him or will he drown in his own pain? 

Be warned...this is probably the most emotionally tense story you may ever read.  There is no mistaking Left Drowning as a fluffy, soft, feel good story.  This book is incredibly real and there is a whole lot of heavy darkness you have to journey through to get to the light.  But honestly, that's what makes it so amazing.

The character development of not only Chris and Blythe but also the secondary characters was outstanding.  I had a special place in my heart for each of them because every single one was crucial to Blythe's healing and to the whole story. They're all going to make an impression on you and you're going to wish you could be a part of the family they've created.  I think its through these characters Jessica Park was able to successfully intertwine her own unique personality and sense of humor into the story, which is an added bonus!

Now let's talk about the chemistry between Chris and's undeniably hot with explosive moments of sexual intimacy.  Jessica Park can seriously write some hot, heart pounding, blood throbbing sex scenes!  That being said, prepare yourself for some extremely graphic writing when it comes to those parts of the book.

Left Drowning is a book everyone should take the time to read.  It's about the reality of sometimes having to go through life in pain, of how some people get dealt a shit hand and don't always know how to navigate through or around their pain on their own.  It's about accepting your life has a purpose even when you cannot see it for yourself.  It's also about the life saving beauty that comes when you open yourself up to others.  It's about friendship, family and love.

Pre-order this book today it's one you are going to want to read.

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