Friday, July 26, 2013

Knight (Unfinished Hero # 1), by Kristen Ashley

3 out of 5 stars

First lesson in this review is to pay close attention to your kindle when you click on a book.  Basically, Kelly told me to read a specific book that she thought was great.  (I am not going to tell you which one until we post the review, so get over it.  J) Anyways, as I am reading I am thinking, “Was Kelly smoking crack while reading this book?”  I mean we might have subtle differences in opinions, but not major.  Ever!  So, I called her.  Basically, I am a moron and clicked the wrong book but didn’t realize until I was already vested, so I decided to just finish it.  The accidental book was Knight. 

Ok, on to the review.  The good stuff...this book was a quick read.  It had some good characters.  I loved the lead character, Anya Gage, because despite the fact she had a crap life she pulled herself up and makes something of herself with hard work and determination.  I also love her friend, Viv.  She is sassy and a tell it like it is person.  I am a lot like that so I guess that’s why I like her.  Knight, the lead male character, (Love the name, right?  It just sounds hot!) is a pretty predictable, millionaire, overprotective guy.  He is ok, but some things he does just irritate me and therefore remove the sexiness for me.  For example, he says “Yo”.  Not just once either, like all the time.  Irritating!  He also doesn’t talk in complete sentences. Ever. Next, he refers to females as bitches, even Anya. And while I know I can be one at times, it’s just not ok to call all women bitches all the time.  Cause I am not one ALL the time.  Basically, imagine reading the dialogue of Kanye West.  Shoot. Me. Now.  But the MOST annoying thing in the book for me, was the fact that he insisted that Anya call him Daddy.  Ewh. Gross!  Can we say disturbing?  So anyway that is my beef with the characters. 

As far as the story goes, it is pretty drama free and steamy.  (If you can block out the whole Daddy thing!)  I really didn’t see much plot occurring, but some people enjoy those kinds of books.  Occasionally, I can read that kind of story and veg out.  I prefer a book with a few bumps in the road that eventually lead to a HEA.  I will say this as well, I thought that I got this book on sale for like .99 so I wasn’t too upset about not getting my moneys worth, but after examining my account, I saw it was $3.99.  I do not think it was worth that, but if you could get it on sale go for it.  In the end, it’s all about what you like.  So, don’t take my word for it.  See for yourself what you think, because as the saying goes, everyone has an opinion.  

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